January 12th, 2022

There are more and more great content and writers on Mirror, however, Mirror didn’t provide a way to subscribe them via newsletter or RSS feed. After waiting for this feature for several months, I decided to implement it myself and provide it as a service to all.

So today I’m introducing submirror.xyz, my latest project, which generates RSS feed for Mirror sites.

Usage is fairly straightforward, open the website, enter the url of any Mirror site or article you’d like to subscribe, click CREATE button, a RSS feed will be generated, which you can subscribe in any RSS readers.

October 21st, 2021


我们知道Emscripten可以将C/C++代码编译到WebAssembly,从而在浏览器中运行。为了实现这个目标,除了代码层面的编译外,Emscripten还需要在Web环境下提供大量对native runtime的模拟,如文件系统、底层图形库、网络等。今天重点看一下文件系统部分。


由于浏览器中的JavaScript无法直接访问操作系统的文件系统,Emscripten提供了一套虚拟文件系统来模拟一个POSIX FS。